You can never go wrong with classic styles in neutral colors. Even in the slight warmth of spring, it’s nice to have a classic peacoat around for when the weather gets chilly. Its bulky style is not just for winter. The classic peacoat style will never go out of fashion because its timeless look is perfect for any occasion. It is also easily dressed up or down.

This Fashionisto pairs a pair of classic denim jeans with a collared shirt and argyle sweater. This neutral look is perfect for a gloomy rainy spring day. It also provides enough warmth while maintaining its stylish components.

To add a touch of color this Fashionisto tops off his ensemble with a multi-colored handmade knit scarf. Its bright and eccentric colors artfully pair with his red hair. This is the perfect accessory for a neutral outfit because it gives it a pop of color.

The outfit is tied together by the black peacoat. Its classic look is a staple for any closet. Its neutral color goes with basically everything. Even though it is thought of as a winter accessory it can easily be incorporated into spring. This Fashionisto’s outfit is the perfect blend of neutrals, classic styles and pops of color.

How To: Have a black peacoat but worried it looks too bulky for winter? Pair it with thin denim pants and less textured clothing so that it stands out in your outfit. If you’re feeling daring add a pop of color and fun details to your classic outfit!