ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black on Black

Although it’s spring in Minnesota, some weather patterns speak to winter neutrals rather than light pastels. In my opinion, black on black is good for any season, anytime. Although we claim something is always the new black, whether it is navy, green, or orange, black will never go out of style. Having an all black outfit (or five) in your wardrobe ensures you will always be prepared. Given the shade looks good on everyone, there is no concern if it will look good, because you know it always will.

If your concern is that styles you typically associate with all black, think grunge or Goth, aren’t your speed, remember, if it can be made in floral, it can be made in black. This Fashionista shows us how an all black ensemble can give major cool girl vibes. Sticking to basic pieces with minor detail create interest in the look, while still keeping it casual. A plain hoodie and distressed jeans make up the entire look. Think about waking up early for class and being able to just throw this on and still look great. Add high-tops to complete the look and give a sporty touch.

Black will always be the new black. What makes this shade so timeless is its ability to fit any style, for any time. We talk about the little black dress, not the little pink one. We wear black to look professional, not bright yellow. When in doubt, always reach for black because it’s pretty hard to go wrong.