ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black and White and Chic All Over

Fall has finally–excuse the pun–fallen upon us! Fall is the season of and for fashion–fashion week kicks it off every year and inspires Fashionistas everywhere to be at their top trendiest. Autumn also ushers in a series of weather-appropriate pieces that toasty summer temperatures just wouldn’t allow. Booties, jackets, and pants are chief in that category, and this Fashionista rocks all three with ease. Of course, one of the keys to staying on-trend while also staying true yourself is making a piece or a look your own. This Fashionista does both by putting twists on black and white, cultivating an array of off-beat accessories, and even putting a personal and artistic DIY spin on the basics.

Our Fashionista skirts the traditional fall palette of warm and earthy neutrals, and instead opts for putting her own stylish spin on the ever-chic classic combination of black and white. Layering lingerie over your look is hot right now, and it has an even more striking and sexy effect when the two pieces stand in such bold contrast. Continuing the color scheme, our Fashionista pairs her two-toned top with coordinating culottes. The striped pattern adds visual interest to the outfit, but this is only the beginning of the details in this outfit.

On top of all this, our Fashionista establishes herself as a DIY-diva by hand-painting the back of her denim jacket with a lyrics from her favorite band, The 1975. This turns the piece into a one-of-a-kind work of art that can never be replaced or replicated, making the outfit and the Fashionista herself even more original. The more original you make the details in your look, the more of a trendsetter you make yourself. With totally unique pieces like this jacket, you make yourself difficult to duplicate but still utterly inspiring.

To top it all off, our Fashionista accessorizes her look to the nines with a vintage bag, sleek booties and quirky-cute sunglasses. The floral-embroidered mini-messenger bag adds a little bit of femme flair and a pop of color, the patent-leather booties make the look polished, and the heart-shaped sunglasses are just a fun cherry on top of an already outstanding look.

All in all, this Fashionista put together a perfectly personal fall look by incorporating a handful of different interesting aspects that work well together, and prove it really is all in the details!