ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beads and Buckles

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beads and Buckles

Accessories are to fashion as water is to life: a necessity. They are a girl’s best friend, and this Fashionista sure knows how to work them! Accessories are what grabs eyes and makes onlookers do a double a take. They can take a bland, lackluster outfit and completely transform it. However, the key with accessorizing is to not overdue it. Finding the perfect balance is hard, but this Fashionista nailed it.

Breaking down this look, we can see that this Fashionista took it back to the basics with a simple white T-shirt from Wildfox. She knotted her graphic T-shirt in the front, adding a fun flare to the look, giving the shirt some shape and dimension. Continuing with the look she paired the white T-shirt with a black denim skirt. Denim skirts are high on the trend list right now and this look shows a great way to style them. The unfinished bottom of this denim skirt adds a bit of grunge and texture to it. The combination of the white T-shirt and the black denim skirt make for a perfect base to style from.

Moving on to the best part of this look, the accessories! This Fashionista layered three necklaces, all of which offer a different texture and pop of color to the look. The first is a white snakeskin choker from ALV Jewels, the texture of the snakeskin gives off an edgy vibe and pairs perfectly with the edginess of the denim skirt. The second choker, also from ALV Jewels, adds a bright pop of color to the look—adding a fun rainbow themed choker adds color to this otherwise neutral look. The last necklace paired in this perfect trifecta is long, beaded, and textured. The brown wood beads pull in the neutral colors of this look and the multicolored yarn tassel at the bottom of the necklace add both texture and color to this look.

Jewelry is not the only accessory that this look utilizes. The double buckle black belt is a statement accessory that helps pull this entire look together. The black belt with the silver buckles adds more edginess texture to the look. The final piece of this look are the black studded Steve Madden sandals. The silver studs on the sandals complement the silver buckles on the belt perfectly. The studs also keep the edgy yet trendy vibe of the look going.

This outfit is full of detail—it’s like a piece of art. It starts with a background of the basic white T-shirt and the black denim skirt, and then gets painted on with detail from head to toe with jewelry and accessories. Fashion is in the details and all the small things count. Don’t be afraid to layer away with necklaces or make a bold statement with a double buckle belt. Mixing colors and textures makes for the most interesting of looks.