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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Basic Training

April 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

It may be officially spring, but the weather certainly doesn’t always feel like it. The weather can be deceptive, it’ll look like a picture perfect day, but when you step outside you can still feel that cold winter bite in the air (move on already winter). Or even worse, it’ll be the arctic tundra in the morning, but by the time you’re out of class it’s like the tropics. How is a stylish human supposed to handle transitional weather dressing? The key is in interesting pieces and layers that work in multiple weather situations so you are ready for whatever the day can throw at you.

This Fashionista has got down the perfect transitional weather look. One that is feminine, yet has that total bad girl aesthetic that you don’t want to mess with. The secret to success here is in the basics, a T-shirt dress is so utterly versatile for whatever the weather. A T-shirt dress can be snazzed-up so easily, but it also gives you that effortless thing which allows you to keep that rolled out of bed ease. All it takes is a cool military inspired jacket to bring this look to that next level status. It completely upgrades the edge and creates that balance between hard and soft which makes this look overall. Don’t get me started on those accessories, killer shades, dainty jewelry, some knee high socks and a fab classic bag is all that is needed here to complete this outfit. But can we just take a second to talk about that hair color? So fab it hurts. The real thing that makes this look so fierce is the sassy attitude this Fashionista is bringing (girl slay).

Transitional dressing doesn’t have to be a challenge, all it takes is some key basics. A T-shirt dress can fit all your needs and you can always layer it up to be prepared for what the day will bring. Dress it up or down with your favorite accessories and you too will have the perfect look. So go ahead, strut yourself and be ready for that crazy weather.

How To: Get yourself a T-shirt dress and throw on a rad oversized jacket and it’ll give you all the cool girl points with minimal effort. Go ahead and sashay away the day you fabulous human.