ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bare Essentials

Sometimes less is more, and in this case, simplicity is key. This Fashionista’s “details” may not have a crazy print to focus on or a certain bold hem line. Rather, it is her ease and laid back vibe that are the main accessories.

Although this look has very few elements, the two things that drew me in were the Fashionista’s choker and T-shirt. I have become obsessed with chokers, and not the ’90s plastic ones that stretch around your head, but rather the cool, metal, almost necklace like ones. This Fashionista has a simple one from Forever 21 that rests delicately on the top of her collarbone to draw attention to her face and also add final touch to the outfit. The choker trend has become something that can transform an outfit from seeming casual, to an outfit that is ready to be photographed.

Aside from her choker, I instantly died over her T-shirt. It’s interesting because T-shirts are never usually a defining statement piece, or a detail that’s necessarily paid attention to. This particular T-shirt, however, fit her perfectly. Not only was the size perfect, but the olive green color looked great against her skin tone. The scoop neckline works well with her choker, and by tucking it into her pants she adds dimension and shape. This Fashionista stayed true to keeping the details the main focus by keeping everything else easy. Her shoes are a base white, and her makeup is done with crisp browns to play up her beautiful natural features. This Fashionista knows how to keep things simple while also looking put together instead of looking like she just threw on a T-shirt and jeans.

How To: Get a choker that really stands out to you and seems like it would fit almost every outfit you have. That’s when you know you have an accessory that will make the outfit seem finished. To achieve the rest of the look just grab a T-shirt that flatters your skin tone and jeans, and you’re good to go.