To a girl, a purse is right up there with basic needs: food, shelter, water and a handbag. Whether it be a trusty satchel, a quirky tote or an enormous shoulder bag, we depend on our purse to get us through our chaotic days and provide us with the safety of knowing our day-to-day essentials are always close at hand. While a purse is undeniably something we cannot live without, the style factor it brings to an outfit something that cannot be denied—and an added bonus that is (obviously) widely appreciated. Case in point: this Frenchie-obsessed Fashionista.

Sporting head to toe black, this Fashionista’s outfit proves she is no stranger to style. Her turtleneck crop top, pleated skirt and knee-high socks are an adorable, trendy combination, made complete with the addition of her simple black jacket. Yet what makes her outfit so perfect is not the outfit itself—it’s the eye-catching French bulldog face that’s draped across her body in the form of the cutest handbag known to man.

The next time you’re getting dressed and your outfit seems incomplete, take notes from this Fashionista. There’s no need (and often no time) for a crazy outfit with a ton of accessories. All you really need is a fantastic handbag to make you and your outfit stand out from the crowd.

How To: Is your outfit feeling a little stale? Add a handbag! Often the craziest ones are the most fun, so don’t be afraid to experiment. A funky clutch or a quirky backpack can mean the difference between a boring look and your most stylish look yet.