ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back Through the Decades

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back Through the Decades

As we all know, good fashion never dies. As the years go on, we see old trends become new again. You could even say that some things never even went out of style. Just in the last few years we have seen different styles from the past come back, and it looks like many of them are here to stay. This Fashionista took a combination of different trends from different decades and pulled them together to make a perfect bohemian styled look.

Let’s take a trip back to the 1970s. This Fashionista takes us back with our favorite trends from the ’70s, flare pants and round statement glasses. The best part about this look is the pants. The design on these pants is fun, but it is not too overwhelming. The neutral toned colors stop the pants from screaming at you while still allowing you to appreciate the details in the pattern. The sunglasses tie the whole look together. They are not too bold, but they are just what this Fashionista needed to complete her outfit.

The 1990s were not that long ago, and we are already seeing the style from then come back. Bodysuits are without a doubt the latest craze in the fashion world. A simple bodysuit was a great choice with these patterned pants. The lace-up front adds a little something to the bodysuit without clashing with the pattern in the pants. The simple pearl choker was a nice ’90s accessory to add to this outfit. She finished off this look with a simple, flat sandal and simple makeup to really emphasize the bohemian look.

The details of this look are what really take us through the decades. This Fashionista took different pieces, and put them all together to make an adorable outfit that you can wear for multiple occasions.

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