ALL IN THE DETAILS: Baby, You're So Classic

May 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

With the end of the semester arriving and the weather fluctuating between Antarctica and the Sahara Desert, it can be hard to dress accordingly. This Fashionista found a cute in-between look, that’s appropriate in both temperatures.

The look wouldn’t be the same without one specific detail that made the entire ensemble more fashionable—the jean jacket. Jean jackets have made a comeback and are better than ever. They effortlessly spice up any look and turn it into a fun, bold statement. This Fashionista rocked her jean jacket and paired it adorably with leggings, sneakers and some arm candy.

The leggings were a perfect choice to complement the classic jean jacket. It didn’t distract from the jean fabric or take away from the focal point of the ensemble.

Her adidas fit perfectly with the legging look and made the outfit flow together. The simple color fit well with the overall neutral theme of the outfit. Plus, we can’t forget about the comfort factor.

The watch was a nice touch of detail that also made the whole outfit come together. The bling and flashiness of the watch contradicted with the casual feel of the leggings and the tennis shoes, yet it worked. The outfit balance between the two extremes was the jean jacket. The flashy watch, classic jacket and simple bottoms molded together to create the perfect look.

The rock pendant necklace added to the consistency of the outfit and added a pop of color to the black top and jean jacket.

The look is easy to match and perfect for any type of occasion. Whether you’re running to class, shopping or grabbing lunch, you’ll look stylish and classic.

How To: Make your next look stand out by adding a jean jacket. Pair a simple, summer dress with a jean jacket to give it a whole new look, or add a jean jacket to a simple top and skirt to make it stand out.