ALL IN THE DETAILS: Attack of the Knits

In Chicago, Illinois, everyone is usually freezing and trying to keep from blowing away during this time. But this year it’s been a little different; it’s been warmer than usual for February, but we’re still trying not to blow away in the Windy City. We’ve been able to replace the puffy bubble coats with light jackets a few times.

With the crazy unexpected weather we’ve been having, it’s hard to know what to wear these days. It gets a little complicated to remain dressed up every day, but I’ve been maintaining. I was strolling down the street from class and came across this Fashionisto; I just loved his outfit and the way he put it together.

People are straying away from the idea of dressing to impress, but clearly this gentleman isn’t—and he’s staying warm while doing it. This outfit was so simple yet super chic and business casual. The way he combined his knit sweater and knit scarf is amazing; both pieces are knitted with the same colors, which allowed for them to bounce off of each other but not clash. He paired his sweater with black skinny pants, black dress shoes,  and accessorized with a black jacket to stay warm. A good sweater can take you and your look a long way, but as shown here, you can still keep it casual by pairing it with plain bottoms and dressy shoes.

The way this look was put together allowed this Fashionista to not show defeat to the high winds but to stay warm and present a casual look with great details. Sometimes it’s not about the big picture but the little details that bring it together. Being stylish and looking business-savvy are always the keys to success no matter where you’re going, even in the winter.