Sweatpants and leggings are no longer for the lazy. They are now for the casual who are on the go and looking for comfort throughout the day. This trend has become incredibly prominent in the fashion world and prevalent on college campuses, making activewear a staple for everyday life. It is the epitome of convenience in the lives of college students, as it is now the better option over denim. Students are always busy and finding ways to make their schedules more convenient, including their attire. What’s more convenient than yoga pants and loose-fitting T-shirts? They’ve incorporated this trend into their daily wardrobe, whether that be going to class, work or just lounging at home.

This Fashionista captures the essence of “athleisure” perfectly. She wore a light parka over a gray, hooded sweatshirt, yoga pants and strappy Birkenstock sandals. The neutral, earth tones in her outfit all complemented each other, adding a placid balance. The sweatshirt and yoga pants were the base of the athletic look, but the parka was the turning point for the athleisure trend. This jacket created a casual and relaxed quality that separates the outfit from being entirely gym wear. She further enhanced the leisure aspect with a loose ponytail and natural makeup, ultimately completing the look.

How To: Next time you’re thinking about hitting the gym after class, instead of bringing an extra pair of clothes, wear your favorite activewear around campus under a parka or bomber jacket. Top it off with athletic footwear or sneakers and you have mastered the athleisure look!