ALL IN THE DETAILS: (Army) Green Is The New Black

April 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

As we begin to put away our winter clothing, it’s time to say goodbye to the thick black gear that carried us through bone chilling temperatures. Although we may traditionally opt for lighter tones following the advent of spring, the deeper hues of our wardrobe do not have to go into hibernation as well. Army green is the perfect color for those who may shy away from baby blues and other pastels. It is a rich hue, but lacks the heaviness of black attire that is less fitting for sunny spring days. Suitable with a variety of styles and colors, army green is a must-have addition to any closet.

This Fashionista is the epitome of “hipster-chic” with her laid back ensemble. Her army green coat is the highlight of her outfit, complete with a corduroy collar and patterned lining. Although the army green coat is a staple item, these nuanced details add an extra spark of originality. She pairs the coat with a black and white striped soft T-shirt, one of my favorite combinations with the army green color. She elevates her look with cleverly chosen accessories including a long turquoise pendant necklace and a scripted choker. These emphatic statement pieces reflect this Fashionista’s individuality and unique style choices. Adorned with a pair of vintage frames, she can face any of the day’s bright rays with ease, even as the last beams of fading sunlight fall upon Commonwealth Avenue.

How To: The army green military jacket provides endless possibilities for a variety of stylish looks. Opt for a coat in this color that has an element of distinct detail, whether it be gold embellishments, an interesting lining design or contrasting collar material. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a plethora of accessories, and above all, let the outfit say something about you.