ALL IN THE DETAILS: Arm Candy To Die For

September 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

With the weather changing, it is also time for a wardrobe change. The best part about early fall is that you don’t have to wear a heavy jacket, which means that all of your accessories are visible. From necklaces to bracelets to rings, the possibilities are endless.

This Fashionista chose to wear an oversized cardigan over a dark top and dark wash jeans. She ties it all together with cute shoes that have a slight pop of color. Although the outfit is a prime example of what to wear in the fall, what I had my eyes on were her accessories.

I swooned over this Fashionista’s ability to pair accessories together. She made it seem like she just threw whatever on—as if it was that simple. Combining the right amount of accessories must be attempted in a cautious manner. You don’t want to over do it, but you also don’t want to wear one piece that may be overlooked. When it comes to choosing accessories the most important thought to keep in mind is whether or not you can explain it. Everyday accessories should mean something to you, instead of just an oversized necklace that you might be wearing to a wedding reception. In the fall, it seems easier to mix and match metals, but try to keep the rings a consistent type of metal.

The best part about the fall are the oversized cardigans. These are perfect when wearing accessories because you can roll the sleeves in order to show off your arm candy. GUESS has many different types of cardigans. I would suggest one that has pockets and is really soft like this one. Any cardigan that hangs lower than your waist, has pockets and is extremely comfortable is a winner in my book.

How To: The one simple way I would advise on recreating this look is to gather all your bracelets, rings and necklaces together in one pile. Next, pair different ones together and you can get a look in seconds. If you don’t have that many accessories, I suggest finding accessories that mean something to you. This Fashionista has a Claddagh ring, which shows her Irish heritage. Alex and Ani bracelets can also be a great addition to your accessories because most of them can describe you as a person. For instance, this Fashionista has a Starfish bangle on that represents her love for the beach. My favorite part of the look is one of her necklaces. The crystal necklace stands out as an unique part of jewelry and with the right color can be worn with any outfit.