ALL IN THE DETAILS: An American Girl

November 15th, 2016 at 2:10am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: An American Girl

Exhibit A.  21. Chicago, Illinois. Cubs.

That isn’t her Instagram bio, but if it was, she’d immediately be termed as an American girl. Despite the fact that she lacks a super-USA description, her outfit indeed screams, “I am fashionable and I take pride in my homeland!” But not in a typical way: it’s the details that make this look.

The blue jeans are have a long tradition in this country, and are associated closely with our culture. These universal bottoms found their origins within our nation’s boundaries. The Champion shirt she wears really emphasizes the overall theme of the look (if you haven’t picked up on it yet) while giving it a relaxed, sporty feel.

But let’s not forget about the kicker in her little ensemble: the shoes and the jacket. Oh, how I am a sucker for plaid. Even though winter is approaching and the majority of humans flock to black, deep renaissance colors and velvet, the buffalo check footwear and outerwear combination are perfectly fitting for the progression into cold weather and warm fall tones. Her little red booties are not only cute and festive, but they are functional as well as they are rain boots. The fluffy red jacket has a furry texture to seal in the warmth and keep this girl cozy on the go.

The red, white and blue color scheme in this get up is very subtle, and the checkered accents really set her apart. This Fashionista’s attire is ideal for her to go to the old ball game and root for the Cubbies as they progress in the World Series. Oh, American, the beautiful.