April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

A plethora of Burberry and Valentino blanket coats traipsed down the runway to conclude the fall 2014 collections of Fashion Week, indicating a trend that would carry over to this season. Spring has taken its own adaptation on the oversized wrap coat, ushering in an array of both ponchos and other lengthy styles. These decadent pieces come in a variety of constructions and prints, ranging from boho patterns to animal-inspired designs and monochromatic color palettes. While cooler temperatures may not permit us to don our lightweight denim jackets just yet, these coats are the perfect piece to transition from the frosty chill to mild spring weather. They can easily be thrown on over a mini dress or pair of jeans for an instant chic aesthetic that appears as if you spent a lot of time putting together your ensemble (when in fact you didn’t).

This Fashionista epitomizes the look with her oversized tribal coat. Its intricate pattern combined with a muted color scheme makes for a striking yet unimposing piece. While this blanket style coat can come in various lengths, this Fashionista opts for a flattering hemline that hits just above the knee. Its relatively thick material and soft fur lining provide warmth, but are a far cry from the hefty down puffer of winter’s past. She pairs the coat with dark wash jeans and a trendy suede moccasin. Her look is simple yet undeniably enviable.

How To: Choose an oversized coat with a style or design that speaks to you. You can opt for something more subdued, or try a bold or quirky pattern for a daring, eye-catching aesthetic. Remember to keep it simple when completing your ensemble; the coat will be the centerpiece of your outfit and won’t require much embellishment. Finish the look with a sleek sandal, simple flat or even your favorite pair of adidas. Avoid a tall boot that will clash with a long coat hemline.