ALL IN THE DETAILS: All That Glitters

March 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

With spring right around the corner it is hard not to begin utilizing bright colors in your wardrobe. Not only is there a contrast in color, but also in the style of the individual pieces of the outfit. Instead of choosing one color to focus on, it is more interesting to use multiple colors that complement each other to create a synergistic ensemble.

This Fashionista incorporates contrasting colors to create an eye-catching spring outfit. Not only does she wear a plethora of colors to liven the outfit, but also the center of attention is the gold pleated tank that shimmers in the sunlight. Along with the tank top, she wears plum jeggings, which make the outfit more comfortable and suitable for many different outings. Since it is still not warm enough to ditch all of the layers, she wears a black button-down shirt that lands just above the knee for a flowy effect when caught in the wind.

The color does not end there! The Aztec patterned flats match the stone necklace worn by the Fashionista. The blue hues give the outfit a more playful vibe and complement the jewel tone of the jeggings in an unexpected way. Also, the style of the flapper-like tank top contrasts the Aztec print of the flats and the earthy vibe of the necklace, making the combination even more unexpected.

How To: This look is simple and easy to achieve. Pair a flowy, metallic tank top with either a button-down, similar to this Fashionista’s, or a sweater, depending on the weather. The tank should contrast both the button-down or sweater and pants for optimal use of color. For the final touch, wear shoes with a pop of color.