ALL IN THE DETAILS: All That Glitter Isn’t Gold

July 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

I cannot stress enough how important good jewelry is to have in one’s personal collection. Jewelry can completely transform an outfit and turn into something more casual, classic, edgy or any of the other plethora of looks you want to obtain. Of course, it is also good to note that you have to know what type of metal looks good with specific skin tones and hair colors. For example, people with cooler colored skin tones tend to look better with silvers and other lighter metals, whereas those with warmer skin tones usually look better in golds and copper.

This particular Fashionista clearly knows her skin tone and which metal to use. She opts to adorn herself with all silver jewelry instead of mixing metals, which has been a recent trend over the past few years. By sticking to one solid metal with her jewelry and an all black outfit, she creates a monochromatic type of look. The sleek black jeans paired with her graphic black top creates an even edgier look by adding the multitude of earrings and rings. Her accessories completely turn this outfit into something semi-punk and much more intricate than if she would have left the accessories at home. I also love that this Fashionista used her accessories to mesh with a jeweled detail shirt. With the addition of the taupe heels, this Fashionista is able to break up the black and silver running through her outfit and draw attention to a great pair of shoes.

By choosing one color to wear and through the addition of excessive rings and earrings this Fashionista was able to tap into two big trends. Her edgy look is something anyone can adapt to and feel comfortable wearing.

How To: Pick a solid color to wear to create a monochromatic look and your favorite earrings and rings all in similar metal. You can pick to pair with a more elaborate attention-grabbing shoe or something more simple!