Florida weather has the potential to be absolutely beautiful. There is a reason Floridians can often be heard saying the phrase, “I live where you vacation.” However, like anything else, Florida weather isn’t perfect. The weather here is extremely unpredictable, which sometimes makes getting dressed in the morning a complicated task. However, with some careful thought and knowledge concerning the art of layering, you will be well on your merry way to the perfect Florida wardrobe.

This Fashionista clearly knows all about how to layer properly for the erratic Florida weather. She looks rocker-chic in ripped black jeans, a black tank top, green flannel and brown booties. Her style is cool and crisp without going overboard or trying too hard. The flannel is perfect for cool morning weather and by lunchtime when the sun starts blazing, the flannel can easily be taken off and tied around the waist for a transitioned look that is just as fashionable.

Although it may be a popular misconception, layering isn’t just for northerners. Floridians also have to be strategic when planning outfits based on changing weather patterns. Layering is an amazing way in which fashion and function can seamlessly collide. Layering also offers added style and gives a multidimensional feel to an outfit. Show off your personal style and be as creative as you want when trying out this timeless trend.

How To: Did you just get a new spring dress but it’s still a little too chilly to wear by itself? Try pairing it with a neon graphic T-shirt and jean jacket. Layering up is sure to get your spring style blooming.