Every so often a fashion trend works its way onto the scene that is so perfect you can’t help but fall in love. Currently, that trend is revolving around all things lace-up. The design of lace-up clothing has been making its impact on the fashion industry for a few years now. Surviving through every season, lace-up has proved it’s here to stay. Almost everywhere you look someone is rocking this trend and just when you think it’s about to fade out, you’re wrong. Lace-up continues to reinvent itself and tie into almost all of our wardrobe staples. Whether it’s brunch, class, a GNO, or even date night, your lace-up shirt will never fail you.

This Fashionista worked the lace-up trend effortlessly—shining on campus in this outfit I couldn’t help but notice her. She chose to wear a long sleeve white lace-up sweatshirt perfect for the unpredictable spring weather. Considering this trend creates an edgy vibe, this Fashionista’s ripped light washed jeans were a flawless addition to her outfit. Simple sunglasses and a delicate gold necklace were added to this look, keeping things chic. To really tie her look together, this Fashionista paired her outfit with beige lace-up ballet flats.

Whether you consider yourself a true Fashionista or not, this trend is a must have! A little criss-cross action transforms a completely ordinary T-shirt into a chic edgy look. With one simple touch, this trend is capable of pulling almost any outfit together. From shirts to shoes to skirts and beyond, the lace-up trend has paved its way into our hearts. Why be boring when you can be laced up?