ALL IN THE DETAILS: All Black Everything

ALL IN THE DETAILS: All Black Everything

All black everything is all the rage on campus! I have seen so many Fashionistas wearing all black in so many different ways. Who knew one color can be used so differently? I spotted this Fashionista walking on the way to one of her classes. What stood out first was how effortless, but beautiful her look was. All black can make you look so classy without even having to try. You can either dress it down or dress it up, just by adding or taking away from the outfit.

Not only did I love this all black look, but when I noticed she was wearing booties in the summer it  took me by surprise. Booties are not usually what people see as a summer shoe, usually it is thought as a fall shoe. However, with the length of this dress and how it comes to the mid of her shins, the booties complete the outfit.

Along with the booties the rest of her accessories were not too much of a statement but just enough to go along with this look. With the bold statement silver watch and the simple silver ring along with the nude nails; it truly says it all. Effortless beauty.

The simplicity of this outfit makes it so chic and shows that no matter what the season you can always use fall clothes in the summer or even winter clothes in the spring. This outfit is so perfect for going to class when you know you have brunch to attend to right after or if you have a Friday night, night class and you want to hurry to meet your friends for a girls’ night out.