ALL IN THE DETAILS: All About The Jewels

This week I spotted the coolest accessories on this Fashionista. While sitting in fashion class, I couldn’t help but notice her chunky turquoise and gold bracelets bouncing back and forth on both wrists. My favorite part about this look was that she wasn’t afraid to really go for it! This Fashionista paired thick bracelets with an assortment of cool rings, practically making her a walking jewelry box. While most may think that more than a few rings is a little daring, this Fashionista decided that it would complete her look. My favorite piece of her collection is her zigzag three stack ring.

Funky jewelry always pairs nicely with something very simple. But like I said, this Fashionista really went for it: instead of a safe black shirt, she wore an open tribal print sweater with fringe detailing. By wearing this bold printed sweater, this Fashionista channels a bohemian vibe. This trend can be seen in stores throughout the whole year but especially during summer.

This Fashionista brought the rest of look together with a basic blue jean with ripped accents. She cuffed the jeans at the bottom to show a little skin. Her black booties are plain from most angles but have a red, blue and black tribal print when unzipped from side view. This print and color combination mixes well with her maroon sweater. Everything pulls together nicely without looking messy and unpolished.

How To: Have a bunch of random jewelry in your collection? Try throwing them all together! You’ll be sporting the ever so popular mixing metals trend and you’ll seem edgy and carefree. Pair these with simple garments or one bold print. Keep the rest of the outfit to a minimum!