March 22nd, 2017 at 2:00am

Here at Florida A&M University we have our annual school assemblies where we have celebrity guest speakers come out and empower our students. This recent convocation was in honor of Black History Month. This year people were asked to wear african garments for the rally. The campus was full of people paying homage to there King and Queen ancestors. They had on garments like the Kente Cloths, Djellaba, and the Kanzu.

When I first spotted this Nigerian Fashionista, her style stood out to me the most because it was vibrant and expressed her style. She wore a colorful dashiki. Dashiki’s are worn to express pride in one’s culture, and in her case her Nigerian roots. Throughout history, dashikis were worn to show pride for the African arts with vibrant colors. In African culture green means prosperity and life, which is the main color in her dress. The accent color in the dress is gold, which means wealth and fertility. She then paired it with tan boots. Her style was simple yet bold. Since her look was daring, she kept her makeup modest and natural. She used a neutral Madly matte lip gloss, which gave her makeup a warm look. She also used a dark brown eyebrow pencil to fill in her eyebrows. When we took the pictures, we used our schools Meek Eaton Black Archives Research Center and Museum as the background, as it seemed appropriate for this look. Her style has a lot of detail displaying her pride in her heritage.