ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessory Overload

Good style is all about the details. An outfit can be instantly turned from drab to fab just by pairing it with good accessories. It’s that simple! When you don’t need a jacket to walk to class your outfit options seem limitless. So when you’re indecisive, it’s the perfect time to experiment with your outfit by including fresh add-ons.

Look at this Fashionista go! From head to toe, she can’t be tamed; the simplicity of her ensemble goes a long way and definitely stuns onlookers in the quad. What seems like just a simple graphic T-shirt and ripped jeans is completely morphed into something so much more exciting than it sounds. This week’s Fashionista covers up from those harsh UV rays the most stylish way possible: an incredible pair of shades. Exchange your plain old aviators for something that pops. The details with the frames are subtle, but still manage to make a statement. She pairs not one, not two, but three haute necklaces for a classic layered affect. Her mixture of size, shape and texture for each of the charms makes each necklace appeal in its own way without looking gaudy.

One of the greatest and my personal favorite part of her getup is her textured slip-on sneakers. The faux snakeskin pops for the perfect springtime kicks, and the beige lining is both subtle and sleek as it ties the shoes together.

How To: Pressed for time and feel like you need to spice up your look to impress? Accessorize, but don’t over-do it. Too many accessories can end up looking dumb, so pick two or three different stand out pieces and work with that. Glasses, bracelets, hair clips, shoes, bags…the sky’s the limit!