ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Kate Spade once said “Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.” There is so much truth to her claim. Even when I pick my outfit out the night before, whether it is for class or a function, odds are I am going to change into another outfit three more times before I finally step out the door. That is not to say that I did not like the original outfit, I just want to know what all my options are before I decide on one particular outfit.

When I first saw this Fashionista, I was on my way to class after an exam, looking like I had just rolled out of bed and thought to myself, “Wow she looks so put together.” It is not to say that her outfit is not fabulous all by itself, but the accessories really pull the entire look together. In particular, the stacked necklaces, ring and shoes add small, but very important, details to this Fashionista’s outfit. The necklaces are all different shapes and sizes but complement not only each other nicely, but complement the entire outfit nicely. Additionally, the pearl ring coordinates with both the pearl necklace and wired necklace simultaneously. Lastly, the black shoes with the large bows match the belt between the blouse and skirt. Not only do the shoes coordinate with the look, but look how fun they are! This Fashionista would have a nice look without her flashy accessories, but she has a noteworthy look with her perfectly accessorized ensemble.

How To: Find a simple dress or shirt and skirt combination that you think go well together. Then, find some accessories that flatter each other nicely. Really have fun with it; there is no wrong way to accessorize your outfit!