ALL IN THE DETAILS: Accessories Are A Girl's Best Friend

January 12th, 2015 at 2:10am

As a new year begins, the temperatures will only continue to drop. However, every once in a while there are a few days in the month where the weather is warmer than usual. Dressing for days like these can be exciting because one can finally shed some layers and bring out their bold and edgy side. This Fashionista totally took advantage of the warmer weather with this fun and simply detailed ensemble.

Wearing a bandeau would not usually be a first thought for most during winter, but the way it is worn in this look will have most Fashionista/os change their mind about that very quickly. The high-waisted bell-bottoms give more coverage and warmth while still allowing the bandeau to be an appropriate bottom layer. The knit cardigan gives the outfit a detailed top layer while still not taking away from the overall look.

The shoes were what caught my eye the most. They had a great variety of color to give the bottom half of this look a great pop of color. Because they are so colorful and glamorous compared to the rest of the look, wearing the loose pants gave enough coverage to have the perfect amount of the shoe exposed while avoiding a distraction from the rest of the ensemble.

Accessories are always either your best friend or your worst enemy. Wearing too many can throw the balance off of a great look. In this ensemble, there is much more freedom to play with multiple accessories because of the dark and solid colors. In fact, the accessories almost make this look. From the circular frames on the sunglasses to the gorgeous rings, there are just enough embellishments to have a full and complete look.

It really is all in the details with this fashionista and it is very clear to see how well-crafted this ensemble is overall. Bold definitely doesn’t have too mean shiny and colorful, but instead bold in this look could mean solid, dark and full of smaller accessories throughout. This definitely applies to darker and colder seasons. Here, here and here are three stylish pairs of sunglasses similar to the ones in her look and here is an awesome ring similar to this Fashionista’s that you can add to your ensemble when you want to dress dark and detailed versus colorful and bright.

How To: When wearing a bandeau such as the one that this Fashionista is wearing, it is important to match color to the season. Black is a perfect color to wear in the winter as it represents the darker days and weather ahead. Make sure you stick to mostly darker colors in this look as you do not want to look you forgot what season you’re in!