With the arrival of spring, many Fashionistas/os on campus have shed their heavy winter coats. In return, most have opted for a light jacket perfect for cooler spring days without overheating. The abundance of jacket styles for spring are never out of supply—the question becomes: which jacket to wear? Personally, the variety of light jackets I own have perpetually grown as I have adjusted to the varying Wisconsin weather. Over the years, I have attempted to dress according to the weather, but I have made it a goal to pair the jacket with a specific style I am honing in on during that day, week or month. Most of the time, the heavy but necessary winter coat tends to hide our street style; however, a light spring jacket becomes part of a full look, and ultimately, a personal style statement.

This Fashionista was found wearing the classic of all classics: a denim jacket. Her denim jacket was a vintage inspired garment with a patch identifying its origination. Paired with her faded and oversized denim jacket was a bright sunflower printed dress, black knee-highs, maroon boots and clear frame glasses. More specifically, the light tone of her faded denim jacket completed her look. This tone offset the darkness of her knee-high socks and boots, while complementing the tones of her glasses and dress. The palette of colors is in complete balance by moving from the lightest at the top with the clear glasses, and shifting to a mid-tone in the jacket and dress, and finally, to the darkest of darks in the boots and knee-highs.

Not only can a light spring jacket be a statement piece, it can be a harmonious element to create balance in a street style look as exhibited by this Fashionista. Light denim jackets as a complementary piece can range from being oversizeddistressed or even printed to add more variety. The number of light spring jackets around town are endless, but choosing whether it’s a statement piece, a complementary additive or perhaps for function is up to the Fashionista/o.

How To: Trying to add an element that will create balance in an overall look? Grab a light spring jacket in a particular tone to offset the rest of the look, and make a complete complementary style!