ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Vintage Mission

In 2014, Kid Cudi wore a red cropped T-shirt on stage at Coachella and set the world on fire. It was one of the first few times a mainstream media male wore such a look out, let alone on stage.

Since then, the trend has been a little slow moving, but this Fashionisto embraces it with open arms. The bright pink color brings vibrancy to the cropped sweater while also complimenting his #rad hair! To add some edge to the look, this Fashionisto added the coolest vintage black suede fringe jacket and black denim skinny jeans. His black and white platform TUK creepers only further add to the rocker vibe while incorporating an old-school feel that pairs perfectly with the jacket. On top of all that, you can’t forget about the vintage circle frames. Combined, all of these elements create the coolest “headed to Madison Square Garden” feel without costing an obscene amount.

So how does such a groundbreaking look appear so subtly cool? Minus the cropped sweater, the look follows the same cohesive rocker characteristics. Fringe jackets were all the rave in the ’70s and were seen all over the place, from the stage to the pit. Another late 20th century staple among musicians was the platform shoe. Combined with today’s emblem of rock, the black skinny jean, this look is effortlessly cool across generational lines. By adding a more modernized trend, men in crop tops, we add an element of surprise that isn’t anticipated when the look is seen from behind. This versatility between the front of the outfit and the back of the outfit allows it to be revolutionary without being anarchic.