ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Touch of Shimmer

January 6th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Touch of Shimmer

Food, family, friends, and fashion. These are just a few of the things that make the holidays the best time of the entire year. Then there is the fifth F: festive.

When some people hear the word festive, they think outrageous, over the top or flashy, and around the holidays in particular this can become a reality. Yes, it’s the dream to attend a party that seems like it’s straight out of The Great Gatsby, but just because holiday parties are covered in glitter and sparkle doesn’t mean that you need to show up looking like a walking disco ball. This year, keep your festive look understated and add just a touch of shimmer to your overall look, like this Fashionista is wearing here.

This adorable dress is a great example of something to wear to your big holiday bash but is still perfectly appropriate to wear to that spring wedding that you forgot you were invited to. This dress is all about the details and includes some of my absolute favorites, floral patterns, pockets, and just the right amount of shine.

Now I’m not bashing on sequins whatsoever; there is always a time and place for a sequin crop top or mini skirt, New Year’s Eve being one of them, but I find something so stunning about a dress that isn’t super loud and allows for people to see you.

Instead of the dress doing all the talking for you this holiday season, just stand out being the beautiful individual that you are.