ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Professional Flair

ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Professional Flair

As college students, we are stuck in this awkward in-between period out of high school, not yet engaged in the professional world. We are used to wearing whatever we want, whenever we want. This can make the transition to a professional, classic wardrobe more difficult. Especially considering how much of a struggle it can be to find cute, work appropriate clothing that still allows one to express themselves in the way they are used to. Despite this challenge, everything about this Fashionista, from her clothing to her demeanor, screams professionalism. However, what’s really impressive is the added accessories that still allow her personality to shine through.

The clear staple item in this Fashionista’s ensemble is her midi-length, wrap dress from Banana Republic. The longer length of this dress makes it an appropriate option for work, but the wrap still accentuates this Fashionista’s waist so it’s more feminine and flattering on her body. The sleek Kate Spade silver watch and dangling bracelet this Fashionista is wearing stays in tune with the classic, professional look she’s going for. The real statement piece of this outfit is her camouflage, crossbody bag, which really adds some color and edge to the ensemble. Finally, this Fashionista finishes off her look with neutral-toned fringe booties, bringing in some boho vibes.

By just looking at this dress on a hanger or mannequin, one sees a modest, professional outfit choice. However, by bringing in multiple accessories, one can truly shape it into a more expressive ensemble. The details of this outfit show me that this Fashionista is a complex combination of edgy, bohemian, feminine, and classic all while still coming off as very professional and put together!

What do the details of your outfit say about you?