All In The Details: A Little Cali On The East Coast

There is a definite difference in the cultures of each coast, from slang to delicacy and even fashion. The first thing that pops into someones head when they hear about California fashion is cool. Not even a specific article of clothing but a word: cool. This word truly does embody the style of the West Coast because what other word could embody the ease and breeze of clothing that somehow manages to look unattainable even when similar pieces are sat within your own closet. Even with the bevy of styles worn by Californians there is the common cool factor that dominates and makes everything effortless and mellow.

The first step to this look is comfort. With warmer weather coming upon us its pertinent to take weather conditions into account. This Fashionista pairs her plain black sunnies, necessary to protect from the impending summer sun, with some wicked jewelry. Rings stacked with interesting designs and simple class, she makes sure that her accessories draw in the eye just as much as any other part of her outfit. One ring in particular that caught my eye was her triangle ring that somehow manages to be practical despite its odd structure. Her necklace adds a similar edge that only makes her seem more, wait for it, cool.

Another important step to the success of a look is the clothes themselves. A staple denim jacket such as this one can liven up any outfit with another layer and texture. Her printed romper is a visual embodiment of summer with bright colors and a flowery pattern. Finally, a pair of the coolest shoes around, Converse, worn and obviously loved, completes the entire look. This outfit is straightforward and gets to the point that fashion can be simple and still get the bang factor that all of us so desperately crave.

Being cool stems from the individuality that the pieces show based on who you are. And being cool in the “oh my gosh she’s so cool” way stems from the confident way in which you hold yourself in those cool shorts or awesome T-shirt or even those killer sweatpants. It’s not too hard to harness a little Cali style even if you’re on the complete opposite side of the country.

How To: A great kickstart to this look is a comfy pair of sneakers that can be any color or style. Then throw it back to a killer denim piece that looks worn with love. These kinds of jackets are easily found at vintage shops. Finally, finish with a neat, patterned shirt or a romper.