ALL IN THE DETAILS: A Classic Case Of The Blues

For all the guys out there who are a little weary of the deep end and taking a big dive when it comes to fashion, come on in, the water is fine. Some of the most influential and standout looks for Fashionistos are ones that incorporate clean lines, classic colors and lots of denim. Denim is here to stay and if you haven’t tried out the denim on denim look, it’s about that time to get your feet wet. As word catches fire around the watering hole, you’ll soon be in the market for some classic James Dean attire. Gentlemen, start your spring out right by rocking a refreshingly crisp and timeless new look.

When imitating this look you’ll want to be on the lookout for tailored articles. This Fashionisto’s eye for fashion is clearly on simple yet sophisticated pieces. His denim on denim look has me thinking that this cowboy is downright all-American and ready for an adventure. Styling his cuffed jeans with a jean jacket was safe and effectively gets the statement across.  For those of you who are still cautious when it comes to styling denim on denim, have no fear. Just make sure to choose two different shades of material, exactly like this Fashionisto. When it comes to the rest of his ensemble, the timeless baby blue button-down takes a little edge off of this denim on denim look, while sticking with the cool color scheme. His canvas slip-on shoes keep his outfit simple and our eyes stay on the denim statement he is making.

How To: Fashionistas/os, do nerves have you antsy about wearing that new denim button-down with your favorite jeans? Don’t pull a Britney and Justin by going completely off the handle in patchwork denim. Just try styling your favorite denim jeans with an equally denim jean jacket. This way you pull off a look that is casual, yet refined.