The ’90s are back and better than ever! This Fashionista’s grunge-inspired look is stylish yet totally her own. This outfit is full of personality from the patches on her denim jacket to the butterfly patterned socks. These details help tie the outfit together, especially because they stay within the same color range. I love the juxtaposition of texture at play in her outfit. The oversized denim jacket pairs well with the fitted gray crop top and the chunky belt. Even her textured bob adds an element of “effortless-chic”, complementing the rest of her look.

What I love about this outfit is how versatile it is, not only collectively, but each piece individually as well. There are an endless number of ways that these pieces can be put together, and they can easily transition into the cooler months ahead. For example, opting for a pair of high-waisted jeans instead still preserves the ’90s look.

Wearing neutrals does not have to mean a dull outfit. The gray and denim provide the perfect canvas for adhering cute pins and patches, and you can be expressive as you want! What’s even better is that this DIY is effectively fool proof! Another myth is that grunge is synonymous with gray or black. This Fashionista broke all the rules by bringing in a pop of color with her min,i burnt orange Fjallraven. These backpacks have been making their way onto college campuses all around the country. This mini is the perfect on-the-go bag, whether you are running late to class or only need to pack the necessities for an afternoon out in the town.

This is a perfect look for that #throwback street style photo!