7 Things You Should Always Do When Traveling Abroad

7 Things You Should Always Do When Traveling Abroad

Traveling around the world is a dream and goal to be accomplished for many people. Each country has a rich culture, hidden gems, and beautiful attractions. Every new place you visit has something new to do, but traveling to a new location is so much more than visiting its touristy spots. Here are seven top things I love and recommend always doing when you travel.

1—Keep a travel notebook. Obviously you will take lots of photos on your trip, so why not get creative with it? Stick photos in your notebook, plan out your day, and write down your favorite details of your experiences.

2—Eat. Yes, try everyone’s favorite. You want to experience the culture of your destination, so of course taste their favorite foods. Also, never be afraid to try foods you’ve never tried before.

3—Leave your comfort zone. Of course, stay safe, but you’re in a new place so try something new. Afraid of heights? Zip line across your new scenery. Go off-roading, explore the non-touristy spots or set aside a day for unplanned adventures.

4—Take public transportation. Take the tube or take a bus, how else will you get a better feel for the city? Plus, being around the locals is pretty cool.

5—Talk to the locals. Always do some research before you leave for your trip and learn about the culture or learn important phrases—even a few words—to be able to speak to the locals. Being educated on important information before you leave is always nice so you can learn more while you are there.

6—Set aside one day to be a tourist. As I mentioned, visit non-tourists spots too as they may be overshadowed, but still take your bag and go see Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, or wherever you may be because they are popular for a reason. Ask the concierge where to go.

7—Relaxation. It’s okay to have one specific day devoted to your resort, especially the all-inclusive ones. Sit by the pool, read a book, or look through your pictures from your trip. Setting aside one day for this will help keep you present and focused on your scenery.

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