5 Ways to Fly Like a Pro

5 Ways to Fly Like a Pro

Are you about to embark on an adventure? If there is a flight involved and it’s going to be your first time, it can be a little daunting. Whether it’s across the state, country, or globe, here are some universal ways to prepare. Set yourself up to fly so smoothly that you’ll have the best journey ever!

Eat extra healthy

Whether you’re about to save or splurge on your foreign meals, make sure that you’ve been eating fairly well leading up to your flight. The day of, opt for fruits and smoothies as snacks as opposed to candy bars and sodas. It’ll give you the energy you need to endure the layovers or time change.

Take care of your skin

First of all, airplanes seem to have the driest air known to womankind. Whether it’s the lack of moisture or breathing the same air as a group of strangers for hours, travel days almost always make me more susceptible to breakouts. You want to be confident in all the photos you’re about to take! To prevent any unnecessary skin issues, use plenty of moisturizer (bonus points if it contains SPF) and keep a spot treatment handy!

Bring music

Who doesn’t love music? Artists release great albums constantly, but few people have time to listen to them in peace. Flights provide a long block of time where you can sit back, listen, and relax. It’ll sound much better being the only thing on your mind than when you and your roommate are gossiping while getting ready for a party with it buzzing in the background. Grab your cutest pair of headphones and hit play, make sure it’s playable offline for when you’re on the flight!

Have reading material

Just like music, many of us continuously collect a list of books we want to read. In case your phone dies or you get bored of hitting “refresh,” try getting lost in a book. Sometimes knowing the thoughts of someone else, even fictional, is just what we need.

Be comfortable.

Cute and comfy is real, and it’s wonderful. You probably won’t meet the love of your life in an airport in Rome. If you do, however, he/she probably won’t mind that you aren’t dressed for a ball. In particular, stylish tennis shoes and pants that won’t cut off your circulation sound good to me. Also, they’re essential to get your trip off to an awesome start.

Oh, and enjoy every minute of it.

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