The 5 Best Things to Pack If You're Studying Abroad

The 5 Best Things to Pack If You're Studying Abroad

As my study abroad escape is coming to an end I can’t help but think of the items that got me through this experience. I promise this is not another one of those, “you have to pack five T-shirts and wrap them up in an origami flower in order to pack them the most efficiently” type of post. (even though if you know how to do that, comment below because that’s so cool). This article is about the five items I brought on my study abroad trip in Europe that I absolutely couldn’t have lived without!

1—Your favorite jacket. I brought my staple jean jacket and I can’t even explain how many times this baby kept me warm on windy days/nights but most importantly it went with all of my outfits and still showed off my style. I know you will want to bring every one of your 12 trendy jackets (speaking from experience) but I promise one jacket that goes with everything is more than enough. Trust me, the “less is more” rule applies here so just bring your staple coat and you’ll thank me later. Canadian tuxedos are so trendy in Europe so feel free to rock that denim on denim.

2—Shoes that can double as rain boots. It rains all the time in Europe, and you don’t want to ruin your best booties so I suggest bringing any pair of water resistant shoes that pair easily with a lot of outfits. I brought my favorite pair of greenish/turquoise Dr. Martens and they slicked off any rain or sleet that Europe threw at me! Pro tip: wear these shoes on the plane because they most likely will be your heaviest pair and hear me out when I say you will need all the luggage room you can get!

3—Your favorite pair of jeans. Europeans don’t wear leggings or athletic clothing in public unless you are actually going to work out. So I would suggest bringing your favorite pair of jeans that are versatile and are also comfortable. You will walk all the time in Europe and doing so in your tightest, most slimming jeans is not super fun… especially when it’s only 11:00 am and you’ve already walked three miles.

4—Water bottle. I can’t promote this enough. Bring a sturdy water bottle. Remember how I said that you’d be walking everywhere? Yeah, you are going to get thirsty and free water cups are not a thing in Europe so always be prepared with your own on-the-go water bottle!

5—Travel wallet. Having your passport and important cards all in one place will not only save you time but a lot of stress. The wallet I brought had credit card slots, a place for your phone and passport, a SIM card slot, change purse, and it even fit all the maps I collected from each country I visited! 10/10 would recommend.

What five things do you think are most important to pack when studying abroad? Comment below your best travel items!