4 Jewelry Ideas That Actually Work With Your Winter Wardrobe

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. While I am not going to argue that (or ever say no if someone wanted to gift me some gems), I do think we can broaden this concept to all jewelry. The right bauble can undoubtedly make an outfit and literally add sparkle to our lives.

I have noticed, however, that during the winter as the layers of clothing are piled on, jewelry tends to take a back seat in the fashion department. Don’t ice out your ice. Reconnect with your jewelry box and given even that coziest of sweaters some next level glamour.

A different type of layers. It is all about the rings now. The tricky part is to find a balance between ‘less is more’ and ‘more is more.’ However the solution is to wear a few of simple and delicate rings on one hand for a minimal layered look. (@amandaskrabucha)

Night to day. Chokers are here to stay and the shinier the better. Find yourself doing more GNI than GNO? Don’t let a good piece of jewelry go to waste. Take that diamond choker to class by pairing it with a casual T-shirt à la Kylie Jenner. (@maddyhaller)

Turtleneck friendly. The latest ’90s revival? Big hoop earrings. They are perfect to frame your face, complement your features, and can totally be worn easily with even your highest turtleneck. (@alyssaaestrella)

Functional jewelry. When you have your extra thick gloves on, attempting to use your phone to see how late you are for class is a bonafide mess. Luckily, classic watches are always in style and are totally glove-friendly. (@ella.fash)