3 Garment Tips All Women Should Know

You are at the mall and you see a beautiful garment a few feet away. “It’s absolutely perfect for summer!” you think as you mentally check off the boxes in your head. That is, until you figure out it has one or more of the following: a slit, peek-a-boo legs, a distasteful sleeve length, an unflattering neckline, or awkward rips. You internally groan at the inconvenience of revealing more skin than you would like. “But it’s so nice. I don’t want to give it up,” you tell yourself. And you shouldn’t, because I have three tips and tricks to help you tackle common garment obstacles without a visit to your local tailor.

If you desire longer sleeves or a conservative neckline, layer your look with a shirt of a desired style and length.

For garments with sleeves too short for your liking, you may pair it with clothing to be worn on top of your outfit. Consider kimonos, cardigans, jackets, and blazers. You can also experiment with blouses over or under your garment to get a desired fit.

Is a certain neckline bothering you? Plain shirts or tops with higher necklines can be worn underneath for chic vibes with strapless, plunging, or sweetheart necklines. Try bell or butterfly sleeves to add some flare.

Colored pantyhose, tights, and leggings are a great way to flavor ripped jeans, sheer pants, or short bottoms.

Wearing plain leggings or a maxi skirt under dresses and skirts combats revealing legs.

Maxi dresses and skirts are often subject to peek-a-boo leg syndrome, a term I have coined for a condition that occurs when the slip of a garment cuts off mid-thigh or at the knee, leaving legs exposed through sheer fabric. Don’t fret, this can easily be adjusted with leggings or a plain maxi skirt. Simply wear this under your outfit to create a fluid stream of opacity. For a seamless look, match accordingly. This same rule applies to dresses and skirts with slits!

Be bold and remember to have fun creating combinations!

Do you have any favorite clothing adjustments that don’t require a tailor’s service? Let me know in the comments section below. If you have tried any of these tips, show us on social media and be sure to tag @Cfashionista!