17 Places You Need To Put On Your 2017 Travel Bucket List

What better way to enter this New Year than with a pen in hand and a travel bucket list in mind? Because as the semester starts, I am sure you would rather be anywhere than that 8 a.m. lecture.
Our very own Style Gurus have once again inspired us for this upcoming year by documenting their world travels on Instagram.

Check out these destinations—near and far—you need to add to your “must visit list.” Some of our picks (like number eight) may surprise you!

1. Whether it be by plane, train, boat or car, snapping a #RAD photo is completely necessary…especially if the views are spectacular!
📍 Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), California
📷 @brdy94
2. Roses may be red, but the Red Rock State Park is redder! This year, add some natural beauty to your Travel Bucket List.
📍 Sedona, Arizona
3. Consider 2017 as the year of opening new doors. Regardless of if you are interested in the experiences or the adventures, take a leap, and explore somewhere new! Although colorful doors are scatted around the world, they can be a terrific motivational reminder that opportunity awaits.
📍 Mykonos, Greece
4. As the year kicks off in full swing, a relaxing sunset stroll is the perfect way to unwind– particularly, in this warm climate destination of Southern California!
📍 San Onofre, California
5. Although it is always fun to go with the flow, make it a point to take the road less traveled by this year.
📍 Notting Hill, London
6. Wash away the worries of 2016 and cure those winter blues with a healthy dose of vitamin-sea from this beautiful destination in Mexico!
📍 Yelapa, Jalisco
📷 @ejurss
7. Tucked away in a concrete jungle, the iconic New York Botanical Garden effortlessly blends the beauties of city life and wildlife.
📍 Bronx, New York
📷 @lynzrin
8. Gardens and artwork and animals, oh my! Add the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory to your 2017 Travel Bucket List for a well-rounded destination.
📍 Saint Paul, Minnesota
9. Regardless of how familiar you are with New York City, the biggest apple of our eye is always an inspirational place to pay a visit to.
📍 Brooklyn, New York
10. If you are all about the magic of a Winter Wonderland, bundle up and stop by Monarch Mountain Ski Resort this year!
📍Monarch, Colorado
11. No matter where your 2017 travels take you, the Sonoran Desert can be accessed from parts of Southern California, Southern Arizona and majority of Northern Mexico!
📍 Algodones Dunes, California
12. In a fast paced world, take some time to sit back and reflect in a natural hot spring this year!
📍 Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado
13. Whether it be winter, spring, summer or fall, the serene destination of Lake George has both breathtaking views and a wide selection of activities that will surely capture your heart in 2017.
📍 Lake George, New York
📷 @oteris
14. It’s as clear as the crystal blue ocean, this spot is the pot of gold at the end of the tropical rainbow!
📍 Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
15. Ain’t no snowy-capped, mountain slope high enough to beat a view like this!
📍 Vail, Colorado
📷 @sonjeur_
16. Not only does Italy specialize in delicious eateries, but it also has some of the most blue-tiful island destinations in the world!
📍 Lago di Barcis, Province of Pordenone
17. Follow the light to Point Vincente Lighthouse, a refreshing travel destination that combines landscape and history.
📍 Rancho Palos Verdes, California