10 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow for Inspiration

October 6th, 2017 at 2:00am

At Tulane, we have this thing called the “Tulane Bubble.” Even though the heart of New Orleans is only a short Uber ride away, Tulane students tend to get caught in the familiar area around campus. Since I’m a senior now, I’ve grown tired of the monotonous cycle of nightlife, restaurants, and even fashion. While the Tulane girls are undoubtedly well-dressed (it’s impossible to walk to class without seeing a girl wearing a romper, Adidas Stan Smiths, and circle Ray-Ban sunglasses), the fashion on campus is a little repetitive. One way that I burst out of the “Tulane Bubble” is by searching for inspiration on Instagram. I follow over 200 Instagram accounts just for outfit, hair, workout, makeup, and lifestyle ideas (forget the following-to-follower ratio, am I right?). These are the 10 Instagram accounts you need to follow to get seriously inspired:

1. @Beansiie

Bean is a SoCal girl living in a SoCal world. Her Instagram account is filled with shots of her at the farmers market, selfies in her bedroom, and pictures of her collection of Polaroids. Somehow, every single picture oozes youthfulness, airiness, and kookiness. She recently moved to Boston for college, so I can’t wait to see what happens when you take the SoCal girl out of the SoCal world.

2. @KillerAndASweetThang

Eileen became known for being a cute and confident girl who roams around Seattle and New York in gritty and grungy outfits. She also created a blog to promote sexual education and female empowerment.

3. @ByMariAndrew

Mari is a writer and illustrator in New York. After Mari suffered an autoimmune disease which paralyzed her, she pursued an art career that’s all about delivering life lessons in simple doodles.

4. @JeanneDamas

Jeanne is the French “It Girl.” She is a master of European sophistication; her chicness is balanced by a sense of ease. Her go-to look involves “I woke up like this” hair, a red pout, and a polka dot dress. She also started her own clothing line “Rouje,” so that all the wannabes (like me) can copy her style.

PHOTO: Valerie Cammack

5. @GenevaJuniper

Geneva lives her whole life in Glossier aesthetic. The colors on her feed include warm creams, hazy yellows, and inviting pinks. If that doesn’t tell you enough, the profile picture on her Instagram account is a picture of her shadow.

6. @AniaMilczarczyk

Ania is an Australia-based makeup artist who works for Laura Mercier. Models and magazines from all over seek out Ania when they need that lit-from-within glow. She has been outspoken about how skincare should be the first step in everyone’s makeup routine.

7. @_YanYanChan

Yan is an Australia-based photographer. After she develops her film, she layers and collages it, which makes her style so unique.

8. @SamiMiro

Sami is another SoCal queen, whose aesthetic borrows heavily from the early 2000s. She gained fame by dating Zac Efron for two years, but now she is well-known as the designer behind “Sami Miró Vintage,” which has been worn by Selena and Kendall.

9. @EmRata

Emily is the queen of Instagram, so you probably saw this one coming. She became famous as the dancing girl in the “Blurred Lines” music video, but she’s since expanded into modeling, acting, and activism. She is an avid believer that women can simultaneously be sexual and political beings. In her free time, she helps raise money for Planned Parenthood.

10. @CFashionista

The college fashionista account is filled with trendy pics and motivational quotes. It connects me with creative college students all over the country (I promise I wasn’t paid to say this).

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Featured photo by Stella Fanega.