The 8 Best Instagram Locations In New York's SoHo Neighborhood

You never know what you’ll find just around the corner in New York City. The fashion hub is brimming with inspiration; every borough is flooded with trendsetters showing off their personal take on style. Spend five minutes on the streets of NYC and the creator in you will find it impossible to not show off your own unique perspective, too. A huge part of that is always getting the right shot and finding the right Instagram location in New York City that will act as not only your backdrop but the supporting character to your main character energy. The SoHo neighborhood might just be the best place to visit for great pics.

If you find yourself in New York’s SoHo neighborhood and in need of a place to take photos of your OOTD, consider the list below as your go-to map. From the stunning architecture, the designer boutiques, and the cobblestone streets of SoHo, you won’t have to look far to find the perfect backdrop. And if you do use any of these spots for your photos, don’t forget to tag College Fashionista on Instagram — we love sharing photos of our Community members’ looks!

Lafayette Street

SoHo Neighborhood, New York, Instagram
Photo by: Getty

Lafayette St., at the corner of Spring St., offers a uniquely wide street corner for your SoHo photoshoot. Plus, you have multiple storefront options like Jack’s Wife Frieda‘s beautiful outdoor dining area or the stunning building at 60 Spring St., which used to be an old bank and is now a Duane Reade.

NoMo SoHo

What more can we say about NoMo SoHo’s lush entrance other than the plant vibes are immaculate. The juxtaposition of the greenery and the brick building will make your photos come alive. (Plus, lights will make your fairy garden dreams come true if your photoshoot takes place at night.)

Ralph Lauren Store

Legends only at this iconic spot. Anchoring the corner of Prince St. and Greene St., the Ralph Lauren SoHo store will provide you with the simple white backdrop your OOTD needs.

Greene Street

SoHo Neighborhood, New York, Instagram
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Greene Street has everything a Fashionista needs for the perfect photo — fire escapes and colorful lofts, cobblestone pavement that leads up to designer boutiques, and a picturesque view of downtown Manhattan framed by the narrow street. Insider tip: Switch up the angle and get multiple shots on one street. We love a fashion hack!

Pietro Nolita

Still in your Barbie era? No problem — Pietro Nolita, an Italian restaurant in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan, has you covered. The pink entrance was made for Instagram, and while you’re there, maybe grab a plate of pasta.

The Gunther Building

SoHo Neighborhood, New York, Instagram

Photo By: ajay_suresh distributed under a CC BY 2.0 license

On the corner of Greene St. and Broome St., you’ll find the historic Gunther Building in all of its cast iron glory. You’ve seen it on Instagram before, so why not give it some love on your feed? No need to mess with perfection.

Acne Studios

The Acne Studios SoHo shop‘s exterior on Greene St. is more stunning than the items inside the store. If you can manage to snap a shot in front of the crisp white storefront consider yourself lucky — this one is in high demand.

Alexander Wang Flagship Store

SoHo Neighborhood, New York, Instagram

The white exterior and the enormous windows? The perfect backdrop for your pics. Plus, the white facade runs half the length of Grand St., so in terms of photographable real estate, the fashion Gods are giving.