33 Fashion Week Instagram Captions To Use On The Grid

Fashion week can get chaotic. Whether you’re running from show to show, keeping up with the newest trends from the comfort of your own bed, or spending the day at College Fashionista’s Creators Loft (we hope you do — more info here!), the last thing you need to do is spend valuable brain energy thinking up Instagram captions for fashion’s biggest week.

So we at College Fashionista did the work for you. Instead of staring at your phone screen contemplating the perfect caption to celebrate fashion week (whether you’re there or not!), take a look at the list below for some major inspo. And don’t forget to tag College Fashionista on Instagram if you post any pics this fashion week — we love sharing photos of our Community members’ looks!

Fashion Week Instagram Captions

  • Fashion week got me like…
  • Trends come and go, but style lasts forever
  • All dressed up and nowhere to go
  • Every week is fashion week when you dress like this
  • NYC is my runway
  • “I’m a doll, but I still wanna party”
  • Black? For fall? Groundbreaking. 🖤
  • What dress code?
  • “I would never wear heels if my feet were shaped like this.”
  • Outfit so nice, had to post it twice
  • “I’ll never be the woman with perfect hair who can wear white and not spill on it.”
  • In case you forgot, here’s what I look like
  • Fashion week >> any other week
  • Posting this from bed
  • “I’m trained to stand confidently here.”
  • Life is a party, so dress like it
  • Outfit pics I texted my mom
  • I may look put together but I can promise you my closet does not
  • Life is too short to dress in boring clothes
  • I woke up like this ✨
  • I’m not just late, I’m *fashionably* late.
  • There’s nothing a little lipstick can’t save
  • MVP of fashion week: My portable phone charger
  • “When you think happiness, I hope you think ‘that little black dress.'”
  • “It is the best day ever. So was yesterday, and so is tomorrow, and every day from now until forever.” 💗
  • Its more than just a week for me
  • I can’t help wearing a fall sweater in the 90° heat. It’s a canon event.
  • Manifested this life 🔮
  • Happy fashion week! May your hair not frizz and your shoes be comfortable
  • My camera roll definitely doesn’t have 63 other versions of this same photo
  • A girls best friend during fashion week is her tripod
  • “‘Cause we never go out of style”
  • Not pictured: the iced coffee getting me through fashion week

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