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Living in Michigan, we all know it can be a hit or miss everyday with this oh so wonderful weather! If you can’t catch my sarcasm here then I am assuming you don’t live in Michigan. What does one wear in the fall of this ever endearing state you ask? Instead of bundling up everyday in a fur parka, I suggest one invests in cardigans. Cardigans are a great essential to have as a Fashionista/o because you can literally wear them with any outfit at any time of the day or night. Just looking through my cardigans, I think it’s safe to say I have over 20, easily. Mixing and matching different colored shirts with a different color cardigan can turn your not-so-stylish outfit into a fashionable ensemble.

Cardigans are not only for hipsters or your grandparents anymore, we see them everywhere now. We even see them transitioning into longer lengths and bulkier knits to keep us less fortunate Michiganders warm. If you really want to stand out try searching through thrift shops in your hometown to find some trendy, old school cardigans that will instantly get you noticed.

This Fashionista shows off her emerald green cardigan by layering it over a stripped crew neck sweater. She has taken something so simple and easy and turned it into a more fashionable piece. She is wearing some dark denim jeans that are tucked into a cute pair of cream mid-calf knit stockings. To finish her look off, she shows off her black combat boots.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it simple and easy, by doing so you can pair any outfit with a different colored cardigan to contrast your outfit into something much better.”


Colors are everything when it comes to picking out your outfit for the day. Since it’s getting colder and the days seem to be getting muggy and dark it only makes sense to mimic the season. All-black is chic and slimming on ones figure. It also gives off an edgy fashionable look that I love. But, it looks best when you add layers of different clothing and accessories like this Fashionista did.

This Fashionista strikes a fierce pose while wearing her all-black outfit to class this morning. Starting from the top, she is wearing a knitted beanie and a long knitted scarf. I loved how this Fashionista decided to be a little different and have her scarf be all the way down past her knees almost floor length, I thought this was very unique and definitely cute! I enjoy how her ensemble is laid back and easy. Her first layer is a black T-shirt that is then followed by a simple black cardigan. Then this Fashionista  layers over top of those shirts with a  leather jacket showing off her punk and edgy side. She pairs this with her black skinny jeans and a pair of black buckle boots. Last but not least this Fashionista adds a big black bag to make her outfit all put together.

How To:  To achieve this black on black look rage your closest for a black T-shirt and sweater. Use a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings and add a pair of black boots or shoes. Top this off with a leather jacket and don’t forget to accessorize with a black hat and scarf!


As the weather gets colder it’s a necessity to get rid of those spring and summer colors and bring in those bold dark colors! Don’t get me wrong, I love my fix of pastels and bright colors, but for this fall, dark is everything. As we all know black on black was a big trend this year and that is why I fully support having a dark colored wardrobe for this fall season.This also goes for flannels. One can never have to many considering they go with any outfit as an accessory around ones waist or as a shirt like our Fashionista is styling here. Not to mention they are warm and comfy.

This Fashionista caught my eye as soon as I stepped onto campus. Her chill and hipster look is perfect for this fall day on campus. She’s wearing a red and navy flannel paired with a loose dark gray T-shirt. She adds a cute navy beanie and pair of ripped jeans. To finish off the look, she adds these adorable high-top Sperry Top-Siders which I can’t get enough of! These shoes are perfect for fall weather on a day like today.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to dress for comfort on days that I am going to class but I also try to make sure that I’m still stylish while doing so. Especially with fall being one of my favorite seasons to dress for, because I love wearing bold dark colors and lots of layers.”


Pam & Gela’s was such a hit last season they had to turn down business. This is something many designers can’t say they have ever done before, or would be able to ever do! This fall 2014 ready-to-wear season, keeps us on our toes when we see Pam & Gela’s collection. A lot of their focus when designing this collection was based on what Nash Taylor’s daughter would want to wear. They did a lot of faux furs, vegan leather, affordable cashmere blend knits, tie dyed velour, backless hoodies and leopard print French terry sweatsuits. The color palette is mostly black and gray, but we see some pops of pale pink, burnt orange, forest green and blues here and there throughout the collection.

This collection is one of my favorites so far. I could see myself wearing every outfit they have styled. My favorite part of this collection is how most of the models are wearing beanies. If you don’t know by now it’s pretty safe to say that I have an obsessions with hats. I love beanies and the fact that they make getting ready in the morning ten times easier since we don’t have to even do our hair! I have styled some black leggings with a jean button-down and a black puffy vest. I added a cream scarf and a knit green beanie with a gold watch and gold bracelet.To complete this outfit, I paired it with some burgundy Doc Martens.

Get My Look: 1. Denim button-down 2. Black puffy vest 3. Beanie 4. Dr. Martens.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weekends are what most of us college students live for! Who doesn’t love socializing with friends or watching Netflix in bed all day without worry if we are going to be late for class or not. This is especially true after having a long week of midterms or exams, the weekend is what keeps us going! This Fashionista dresses for a night out after her long week of tremendous schooling.

My favorite part about this Fashionista’s outfit is the two different types of prints she is rocking. Acid wash jeans can look very mismatched if they aren’t paired with the right top. I also love how this Fashionista wasn’t scared to add a pattern blouse over these high-waisted jeans. The color of the blouse complements the acid wash jeans tremendously, making this outfit very flattering.

Starting with the top, this Fashionista styles a fun flowy sheer shirt paired with some great acid wash high-waisted skinny jeans. Acid wash skinny jeans go with any outfit and can spice a wardrobe up in a second.This Fashionista keeps her outfit very simple but still looks well put together. This outfit is great for any occasion, night or day! She also is wearing some stylish ballet pointed, two toned flats. This Fashionista adds a cute double chain gold necklace and some fun colored lipstick to make this outfit pop.

One Simple Change: Even though this outfit is great how it is I would suggest some black stockings and a black high petal flowy skirt. This look would be great for going out to the bars or even going to class.


Paul and Joe’s spring 2015 collection took on a whole new vibrant meaning to patterns. We see a lot of daises, owls, stripes and whimsically patterns for this spring collection. I love the fact that Sophie Mechaly reflects her style and inspiration from the ’70s; the trend of overalls, high-waisted shorts and lets not forget those brown leather belts everyone was guilty of owning. The woman’s patterned suits and the long flowy dresses are just spectacular pieces in this collection! She also uses a significant amount of fringe purses and floppy felt hats, which are just to die for. Mechaly shares she uses her inspiration from her exotic family vacations to St. Tropez and her mothers free spirited ’70s style.

One item of clothing I have recently found a love for are dress pants. I love all the styles they come in and are great to be worn dressed up or down. Recently, I have been dressing them down to add a fun edgy side to my style. Seen in the picture, I am styling some fun floral dress cropped pants. I have them paired them with a bright fuchsia button-down shirt and a knitted oversized cardigan sweater. I added my little tan booties to complete this look.

Get My Look: 1. A fuchsia shirt like the one I have one from Kohl’s. 2. An oversized knitted cardigan similar to the one I am wearing from Forever 21. 3. Floral cropped dress slacks like the ones similar to mine from H&M. 4. Tan bootie heels similar to the ones I have on from Nordstrom. 5. Add a purse to make this a great going out look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

One day it’s 79 degrees and the next it’s 56! That’s Michigan weather for you folks. It’s a pain dressing for a different temperature each day but that’s the life of a Michigan Fashionista. Thankfully, I am a sucker for layers just like many other Fashionistas/os out there.

We have been fortunate enough to have a few more days of sunny weather but it looks like its coming to an end. Staying warm on campus or even on your daily schedules can be hard for one to stay fashionable. Does one wear a scarf, hat, boots, coat, sweater, etc.? The dilemma goes on! But, This Fashionista shows some inspiration to the upcoming season. Layers are a great way to stay warm, they also look very faltering and effortless to many of our piers. I love when an outfit can just flow and look as if one hasn’t even tried to make their outfit be amazing! Thats the beauty of fashion. I really admire the flannel shirt paired with the fur vest over it. It really lays nicely and also keeps one warm when being outside on a chilly day like today! I’m also a huge fan of Timberland boots like the one this Fashionista is sporting for this fall season. To finish this Fashionista’s look she adds little details such as her gold multi-layered necklace and a gold fashionable watch.

 One Simple Change: Swap the jeans with a pair of black leggings for a more comfy style or switch out the fur vest for a cozy over sized knit sweater.


As a fashion major one is expected to always look presentable in class. This expectation is a blessing and a curse on some days. Waking up early and getting ready can be a struggle for some of us, especially when the seasons are changing leaving us with the sniffles or a cough. But, this Fashionista handles herself well and leaves us with a tasteful casual outfit that one could wear to class everyday. What I really love about this outfit is the color scheme that is going on here. She does an amazing job at making her look seem effortless with this earth tone color pallet. The baby blue shirt underneath her tan sweater makes this outfit pop. Not to mention I am crazy in love with this Fashionista’s jewelry!

Starting with the necklace that her sister had made her. This piece is actually one necklace combined. I love how this Fashionista matched the earthy necklace to her earth tone color scheme you can tell that this outfit was well thought out. Many of you might not know this but I am a sucker for rings. I was in awe when I saw this Fashionista’s hand with some amazing earth tone colored stones.

To tie this ensemble together this Fashionista went with the knee-high combat boots. Boots are a must for this fall season, they are essential for every outfit! I admire how this Fashionista decided to wear some taller combat boots with her outfit instead or the mid-calf boots that many of us are use to.

One Simple Change: I would swap out the jeans for some simple black leggings giving us a different casual look. Also, for many of us who don’t wear jeans it would make this outfit still very casual and perfect for hitting the books!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Infinity And Beyond

It’s that time of year again fellow Fashionistas/os. Fall is here and what better way to keep that brisk wind off of your rosy cheeks than with an infinity scarf? Yes, a scarf does keep you warm for this season but it is also a stylish way to change an outfit up. This Fashionista is showing off a red knit infinity scarf to pull together her big knit sweater and leggings. Keeping the ensemble simple and similar with big knits really makes this Fashionista stand out and catches the eye. Not only does she make you want to actually be wearing this outfit, but she also makes this outfit look so effortlessly put together.

To keep this style comfy yet fashionable, this Fashionista has added a simple gold, pink faced watch and a brown leather studded Steve Madden clutch. With Michigan weather being so random and different each day, you can never be prepared for the obstacles that are thrown at you when getting ready for the day. This Fashionista conquered a cold and rainy day with this fashionable and warm, yet simple outfit.

How To: When picking out an outfit for this fall remember that big knits are stylish and comfy! They also look great with leggings or boyfriends jeans. When tying your look together for this fall add an infinity scarf and some fun rings or a clutch to get the ultimate look!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Floral Patterns

In Chanel’s resort 2015 collection Karl Lagerfeld pushes to the next level, and his theme is “real or fake,” as in the essence of costume jewelry and real as to time and place. The clothes in this collection resembled garments that one would imagine a hundred years ago. In his collection he has a lot of parachute pants, blazers and suit pants, floral patterns and, of course, the ever so famous tweed! The backdrop of the fashion show was a sci-fi skyline, and Lagerfeld had incorporated this into his tunic tops by hemming in a sequined version of the Dubai skyline.

What I thought was really amazing in Chanel’s collection was they incorporated a lot of floral designs in many of the garments, especially for resort wear. I thought that it was perfect! Floral patterns have been very big this spring/summer season and will even carry over to the fall. I am wearing a floral spaghetti strap dress with some beige bootie heels. I have paired this with a floppy brown felt hat and this colorful BCBGMAXAZRIA sequined clutch which is perfect for a night out in the summer. To make this outfit really pop, add a vibrant lipstick color!

Get My Look: 1. A floral pattern sun dress. 2. A felt floppy hat. 3. Cute heeled booties. 4. Add a fun and vibrant clutch.