WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Let’s face it—the weekend is what we look forward to each time we get out of bed and get ready for class Monday morning. Nothing seems more rewarding than a couple days of stress-free fun with your friends! I know for me the weekend is what I look forward to the most because I get to catch up on my fashion blogs and enjoy mimicking new trends for the new upcoming season.

This Fashionista’s casual chic look is one to turn heads when going out with friends or simply going to your favorite coffee shop to catch up on your favorite fashion blogs. First and foremost, I want to applaud the color scheme of this Fashionistas ensemble. The hint of red lipstick gives her outfit the pop of color it needs.

Felt oversized coats are a hit this winter season and are a must-have on my list. This Fashionista shows off her great coat by wearing a green army jacket underneath with a black sweater. She pairs this with some black skinny jeans and some great chestnut booties. Everything about this outfit is perfect!

One Simple Change: Browsing blogs on the weekend is not everyone’s ideal way to end the day. Most of us want a little more excitement after a hard and stressful week of classes. Instead of an oversized felt coat and green army jacket, go for a sheer flowy shirt and a leather jacket, and you’ve got your perfect night out look. Don’t forget to add a clutch!