The best part about winter is buying new boots. Let’s face it—I think I have about 15 pairs of boots that I have ordered for this winter but I always find myself wearing my favorite pair. The rest sit in my closet waiting for their day to come. But as a Fashionista/o, boots are one of the essentials of winter. The best feeling is when someone shares the same interest in your newly purchased winter boots.

Dressing for winter is not nearly as exciting as it is in the summer or fall but having the right shoe can change a little of that. I have fallen in love with the winter boots this Fashionista is sporting today! They are the perfect snow shoes for winter! I love how they are just covering the ankles making them not too masculine. The scrunched ankle socks she has added is another one of my favorite details to this outfit. Little things in an ensemble can play a big part.

This Fashionista keeps her outfit very classic and casual by being comfortable while she heads to her classes for the day. She is wearing some basic black leggings with a black pea coat. She adds a burgundy scarf and some black shades to finish off her cool chic look.

How To: To achieve a similar look to this Fashionista’s, pair your outfit with some great boots that you love, aside from comfort and warmth. Don’t forget to keep your outfit simple and chic; wearing all black will usually do the trick!