WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Valentine’s Day—as a girl, these two words can either be bells of joy to our ears or (sadly I hate to have to admit this) terror. What’s all the fuss about Valentine’s Day anyway? Our significant other, crush, or the I-don’t-know-what-to-call-you-yet can take you out for the night and treat you like the princess that our subconscious mind tells us to be. Like any other chick flick and hopeless romantic girl, we all know what this day is supposed to be like: romantic dinners, roses, chocolates, kisses and so much more—or so I have learned from every heart-wrenching Nicholas Sparks movie ever made. But Valentine’s Day can also be a night out with your girlfriends and the people you love and adore!

Instead of getting all caught up in the “would haves” that never happened and the “I hate Valentine’s Day” shindigs, choose to embrace this day in devoting your effort in the perfect Valentine’s Day date night ensemble, whether it be with your girlfriends or your special someone.

Dressing for a holiday can sometimes be tricky, especially for Valentine’s Day, with so much emphasis on the passionate red and pink tones we have embedded into our head as little kids. This is why I enjoy this Fashionista’s outfit so much because it is flirty and cute for whatever occasion her night holds. She starts off with a nude blouse that has a studded collar, layering that under a tan knitted cropped sweater. She pairs this with a black flowy skirt and some tights to show off her girly side. This is perfect for any date night!

One Simple Change: For a more casual look switch out the skirt with a pair of jeans and you have the perfect weekend outfit. Don’t forget to enjoy your Valentine’s Day with the ones you love in your perfectly styled outfit!