Normally when one thinks of tie-dye, they think of bright colors that are splashed in some sort of design on a shirt usually worn by “hippies.” Let’s face it, the tie-dye fad has died down a lot but we still see it in spurs on campus, whether it be someone who was working out at the gym in their retro tie-dye cut off to a classmate rocking a tie-dyed spring break shirt that they got as a keep sake. Tie-dye has seen better days and that was in the ’70s.

As soon as I thought I had my mind set on how I felt about the ’70s tie-dye phase, this Fashionista had this white with black tie-dye sweater on. It is so simple but adds a touch of attitude to her outfit. Not all tie-dyed clothes have to be the extravagant bright colors as she shows us here. She styles it with a black tank top underneath and some black leggings. This outfit is so easy and simple to throw together when you are getting ready to go to class at nine in the morning. My other favorite part of this outfit is the shoes. I’m a sucker for good pair of shoes, especially her leather Doc Martens. They are perfect with this outfit and go great in this snowy weather. Tying her outfit together, she adds a little hint of gold by wearing a gold spiked necklace and a gold arrow bracelet.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When it comes to wearing tie-dye, especially in the winter, lay off the bright colors and try to stick with the neutrals or darker color tones.”