You’re Ready to Study Abroad but is Your Wardrobe?

August 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Some people in this world are planners, and others are experts at winging it at the last minute.  I am definitely not a planner. Let me remind you of the very necessary sneakers I forgot when I went abroad, and the too-small Jeffery Campbell sandals I have not worn once but insisted on bringing along. From my experience, here are the musts when you’re packing to go abroad.


A pair of actually comfortable sneakers will save your feet from blisters and foreign pharmacy visits. White and black go with every outfit, so a pair of these plus another of your favorite colors will be a godsend to your wanderlust-filled feet. I recently had to purchase a pair of Nikes in a peachy flesh tone hoping to get in on the millennial pink obsession.


A scarf is a lifesaver for when your dry shampoo runs out. It’s a quick accessory to your neck or purse, but also can be used to cover your shoulders when visiting holy sites of any foreign cities you may attend. Often times the art galleries I spent hours in were located in churches where they ask guests to be covered.


Sunglasses are an easy small item to forget, but they instantly hide the bags under your eyes from a lack of sleep and make you look very chic in your Instagram posts. My favorite pairs have been with different colored lenses such as yellow or aquamarine to create a new twist on the sunglasses look.

Here are some items you should leave behind.

Pure White Shoes

A lot of traveling is getting lost in places and wandering around to local joints, which usually involves walking. I would leave your most prized shoes at home and have a solid line up of dirt-friendly shoes that can bear miles of wandering.

Bralettes as Tops

Europeans, as in the case of where I am studying, prefer a dressed-up layered look even in the summer. While I love my swim clothes, save those for beach days.

Corduroy Hats

There is no need for a hat when it is blazing hell levels of hot outside.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Try everything on before you go or you will waste valuable space in your luggage. Clothes could have shrunk without you realizing it.

Entering my trip, I didn’t have specific purposes other than to get away from the normal life back home and maybe snag a college credit or two. However, the most valuable part of my lack of planning is that I had no expectations on what I’d learn, and I’m realizing no matter where you, are people’s needs and aspirations are all from a humanistic core.

What’s your go-to way to get your wardrobe ready for traveling? Let us know in the comments below!