With the weather we are currently getting on Temple University’s campus, dressing up and getting out of bed has been a real drag. If you are stuck and have not a clue as to what to wear that is both a combination of weather appropriate and mod, try checking in with some of my favorite fashion bloggers. These fashionable girls have been taking the cold by the reigns and experimenting with ways to stay chic and warm.  Accounts to keep up with are Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific, Victoria from intheFrow and Kat from With Love From Kat.

This Fashionista conquered the cold just like Blair, Victoria and Kat. She had a warm classic green beanie that matched her military style jacket with a fur trim on the hood. She wore a comfy oversized heather gray sweater with classic blue jeans. Her outfit was primarily neutral but a pop of color was added with her turquoise rings, gold bracelet and deep purple nails, painted to perfection. And of course, she had black knee-high boots with gold hardware to trudge through the snow.

I am so proud of this Fashionista for sporting such a perfect manicure. It is a rare occasion when you see me on campus without my nail polish chipping and my hands decorated with jewelry. This look proves that it is possible to be fashionable and warm and that adding some simple bling to a look can really push it to the next level. This look is an incredible transition outfit and can be dressed down or up very easily with added accessories or a change of shoes.

Remember ladies, it’s not chic to shiver!

One Simple Change: Are you transitioning to a fun night out on the town? Is it still cold and windy? Switch out the casual beanie for a cute wrap around headband or a pair of fluffy earmuffs!