WHAT TO WEAR: Tailgating

When the weather gets cold, it can be difficult to know how to adequately dress for a tailgate (especially if you live in the mid-west where the weather changes pretty much on the hour). While some people may be content throwing on a T-shirt/sweatshirt combo and calling it a day, us, Fashionistas/os like to have a little more fun with our tailgate apparel. Half the fun of going to the games is demonstrating our school spirit through our rockin’ tailgate style!

By layering a long-sleeve T-shirt under his Indiana University jersey, this Fashionisto is ready to cheer on the Hoosiers no matter the temperature. This concept is great, guy or girl, for remaining comfortable and cool during fall games. His rolled up dark khakis and wing-tip boots add a classy flair to the look, and his striped cream and crimson socks make for a fun and surprising touch of school spirit. For a tailgate day a little cooler than most, his white and gray beanie made for both a stylish plus to his outfit as well as a necessary addition of warmth! If I were to take his look and style it for myself, I would swap out the khakis with leggings and the shoes with these Steve Madden booties that I am absolutely obsessed with.

One Simple Change: Got a date planned for after the game? To take this look from the stadium to a suave night out with your boo, I recommend replacing the jersey with a cardigan or nice sweater (and rolling down the khakis). Voila! Tailgate to date night in one fool-proof switch.