Summer in the city isn’t only hot, but extremely humid. Fashionistas and Fashionistos often have trouble selecting the perfect outfit that keeps them cool, comfortable and won’t be ruined by inevitable sweat stains. The key to looking hot while keeping cool is by limiting your layers. Sometimes less is more.

This Fashionisto is the epitome of keeping it simple this summer, while looking and keeping cool. His white shorts are a great solid base for his outfit. White is a very versatile color and helps reflect the sunlight, keeping you cool as a cucumber.

His rainbow ombre tank is the perfect pop of color in his outfit. The vibrant colors on the shirt add flare and give the perfect opportunity to accessorize with a variety of colors. The little bit of white in his tank also ties in with the white shorts.

During the summer season it’s important to keep your accessories as simple as possible. This Fashionisto had two accessories to help keep him comfortable in the sun. The detailing in his sunglasses tied in with the blue in his tank. When he switches to the galaxy bucket hat, the greens and blues again go well with the colors in tank that he’s wearing. Lastly, his green sneakers also match perfectly in with the greens in his tank.

This outfit is amazing because just one article of clothing can tie a whole outfit together. It’s effortless and perfect for hot summer weather. It perfectly combines simplicity and the vibrant summer festival style, while beating the heat.

One Simple Change: Looking to take this day look to night? Keep the initial outfit and switch the accessories for a neutral colored cardigan. It can be a little chilly at night for a tank top, so a lightweight cardigan is a great solution!